isn’t it interesting that a person from France and one from Australia are look very much the same but are so very different? Even when we stay within Europe the differences are enormous. Germans are very different from Swiss Germans, they sometimes don’t even get along at all. Why is that so? The reason is our iceberg! Maybe we look alike, wear the same kind of clothes listen to the same music and our cities are not so different from each other but this is just the visible part of the iceberg. But the things underneath the water level are invisible. So what is down there? It’s for example the history that the people of one nation share, the religion we have or the values and traditions we grew up with. That’s why the people of one nation can be so different from another nation. That’s why it felt so awkward when I entered a shop in Australia and the shop assistant asked me”How are you today?”. It took me quite a while not to feel embarrassed and be able to be as casual as she was. But in the end it was really nice to be welcomed like that. In Germany it is very uncommon to ask a stranger how he feels. That is like invading someones privacy.

But…… I am just wondering will we continue to have different icebergs? With all the traveling, working abroad, children growing up in different countries, will our icebergs over time look more and more the same? I really hope not, because I love the differences and challenges we have when we try to understand cultural differences,

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