I couldn’t get my last post out of my head and was wondering if I had something to do with the fact that my daughter feels a bit lost in this world? Maybe my husband and I are not patriotic enough? Maybe we should have told her more often that of course she is German, just not born in Germany….? Maybe we should have lived more traditions and have been more German ourselves? But do I feel like a German? I have to admit not really. I feel a lot mot like a global citizen and to be honest a big part of my heart is still inĀ Australia.

So, do we influence our children’s thinking so much that they feel lost in this world? I talked with my daughter about that and she said it would be weird if we would have praised our home country all the time and that her first and strongest memories are from Australia. That’s why she has such a strong feeling for this country and it has nothing to do with what we would have said or not said…..

Hmmmm…… I am not so sure about that…

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