After endless years of nagging we finially got a puppy. A cute little black lab mix. Ha, I know what you are saying. “A dog in an expat household, with all the travelling?” All good, we found a very nice place where she can spend a luxury vacation while we are away.

BUT I didn’t expect to be so tired after getting an untrained puppy. Taking her outside every hour to avoid accidents in my living room, even getting up at night to take her outside. Wow, I thought I’m done with the baby stuff and now I have a puppy! Crazy world, but happy kids! I have to admit she is the cutest thing. But it was also a big decision. A puppy in China? How do we find one? I mean a healthy one not some street dog, which would be fine if we didn’t have small children in the house. But thanks Facebook it wasn’t difficult at all and it didn’t even take a week until we found Kimi. And we even found a foreign dog trainer. Did  you know how difficult it is to get a pet out of the country? Preparing the paperwork takes month, including all the vaccinations, lab tests and certificates…… I hope we’ll manage….but still there is time. Right know it does’t look like we are leaving any time soon.

So, in the future I’ll keep you updated on Kimi’s development and maybe you like to get a little puppy yourself :)

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