I am originally from Germany but lived in three different countries which are Japan, Australia and now China. So I spent most of my adult live outside my home country. My husband and I have three gorgeous girl who are born in three different countries.

After I finished my degree in Psychology my husband and I started our journey in Japan, where I had my first baby. Japan was very different from Germany but still like a western country. Although I didn’t speak much Japanese and couldn’t read any of the characters I didn’t feel like a complete stranger. Maybe because the standard in Japan is the same as in Europe or even higher. After four years we went back to Germany, where my second daughter was born, but just stayed there for two and a half years before we moved to Australia. Australia was amazing! We instantly made a lot of friends and where fully integrated. The girls started public school and apart from the fact that we didn’t have family there it was like home. Of course there were cultural differences, but after Japan they never felt strong enough to bother us. In fact, especially our older daughter felt more Australian than German. Shortly before we left Australia we had our third (and last!) baby. She was only 13 weeks old when we moved to China and feels more Chinese than european now. China was different from everything else we saw so far. The culture is not a bit like western cultures. I learned Chines for three years and decided to stop because I felt I will never be able to speak proper Chinese because he way we say things is so different from China that I will never be able to communicate freely.

Apart from all the cultural differences we experience every day, we are also confronted with the issue of living with three Third Culture Kids. Where is home for them, what is their identity? These are questions I’d like to talk a lot more about. And I hope you guy’s are as interested as I am to see where this blog guides us:)






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